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Measures regarding the pandemic

Elina Hotel in Rethymno informs you that, due to its 12-month operation, it is able to continue the service for the stay of our customers.

We monitor the developments regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus in our country and we comply with all the safety regulations set by the competent authorities so that we, in turn, can contribute to the protection of our customers health.

We consider it important to contact you about the measures we take to ensure the health and safety of our facilities. Our teams strictly carry out the cleaning of all accommodation areas, diligently following the protocols of cleaning, hygiene and disinfection. These protocols include:

• Regular training of our employees on hygiene issues and their certification.

• Clearly established cleaning and disinfection cycles at all points.

• Visible placement of hand sanitizers.

• Frequent cleaning and washing of busy areas and frequent touch surfaces, including hallways, stairs, elevator.

• Immediate response to emergency cleaning.

We have established accommodation rules so that together with the appropriate hygiene protocols and operating procedures, the well-being of our guests is ensured. These accommodation rules include:

• Approaching any indoor service area (reception, bar, buffet), we recommend our guests to keep a distance of two (2) meters from the next in order of priority. For this reason, floor markings have been installed.

• We inform about the maximum use of our lifts by 1 adult, with a recommendation to use a face mask.

• We reduced by 1/3 the capacity of our restaurants, shaping the spaces to meet the new required distances. We removed the breakfast buffet. Breakfast from now on will be A la Carte and will be served in the cafeteria of the Hotel, so that all our delicacies are served only with the help of our specially trained staff.

• We give our customers the option if they wish to have breakfast served in their room.

• We recommend our guests when entering and leaving our restaurants to use the special hand sanitizer that is placed for this purpose at all entrances of our restaurants.

• We have placed signage in all public areas & within the work areas.

• Disinfect room keys with special UV lamps.

• In order to avoid the frequent contact of the cleaning staff with the customer, we have established the cleaning to be done every second day of your stay, the light cleaning and every fourth day the deep cleaning.

• We replaced all our cleaning products, in special with virulent action.

• We are contracted by a doctor specially trained in suspected Covid-19 cases.

• We fully comply with the H.A.C.C.P. food safety system.

• All our external partners are certified.

We inform you that our staff has received all the necessary information and training regarding COVID-19 and the improved procedures. Our staff is ready to implement infection prevention measures by closely following the developments regarding the covid-19 with regular updates and guidance from the National Organization of Public Health (EODY) and the Ministry of Health, as well as and by additional government and European agencies. Based on the guidance we have received and the general state of our readiness, we are confident that our facilities and services are still safe and that our teams are ready to serve our guests.

Sincerely yours,

Daskalakis George & Michaloglou Mary

Owners & Managers Consultants of Xenios Zeus AXTE